Boracay Hotels Station 2

Ok, so you and your family have decided to stay on the island of Boracay for your summer vacation, but the big question still remains, where should you stay at on Boracay Island? This small tropical island paradise is … Read More

88 Boracay Beach Station 2 Hotels

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The Mall Boracay

The Mall Boracay as it is called by the local Boracay residents is located at the very center of Boracay Island in boat station 2, here you will find the majority of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping stores, boutique shops, even Read More

Boracay Beach Station 2

Boracay beach is without any doubt the most visited beach in the Philippines, receiving more than 900,000 tourist to this small tropical island all year round. Boracay Island is located in the western Visayas region and has over 13 Read More