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When flying to Boracay you essentially have four (4) different Philippines domestic airlines to choose from that fly from Manila to Boracay via the Caticlan Airport or the Kalibo International Airport, both of which are located on Panay Island in Aklan Province.

Caticlan Airport

A small airport, and is the closest to Boracay Island, taking only 15 minutes to cross the Tabon Strait using a banca boat. The Airport at Caticlan can handle only small aircraft coming from Manila and Cebu, these planes are prop-planes with most planes able to carry between 17 and 30 persons, approximately.
Many people choose the flights from Manila to Boracay simply due to the time factor, since the flight to Boracay will take only about 1 hour, the trip from the airport on Caticlan to the jetty port pier where you will board the banca boat, this trip is less than 10 minutes.
So when you add the total of your Boracay flight time of 1 hour, 10 minutes van travel, and a 15 minute boat ride over to Boracay Island, your looking at a total of about 90 minutes travel time, and that is appealing to people who want to start their vacation right away. However, there is a downside here, and that's the cost of the airline tickets, which vary in price depending on the domestic airline you choose to fly with. You can check the cost of your airline tickets here, Boracay Flights.

Kalibo International Airport

A newer and much larger airport than the Caticlan Airport, the difference here is the size of planes, since the Kalibo Airport can handle international flights the planes are jets, which are larger and more comfortable to fly on. Currently there are Direct International Flights to Kalibo from Shanghai China, Incheon Korea, Taipei Taiwan and from Hong Kong to Kalibo via Manila, for more information on these international direct flights and their cost, please contact us.
When flying from Manila to Boracay via Kalibo the flight time is about the same, it can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour, I have never been in the air more than one hour on this flight. However, here is the downside, once you arrive at the Kalibo Airport you will need to get on a bus for a 1.5 hour ride going to Caticlan, where you will board a banca boat at the jetty port taking across the Tabon Straight to Cagban Beach, the jetty port for Boracay Island. 

Personal Note From Rick St. John (with over 100 trips to Boracay)

Now for some good news, the flights to Kalibo are generally cheaper, so if you are traveling with a large group or you have 4 or more family members, this may be the more practical way to start your Boracay vacation. 
My family and I have flown to Boracay via the Kalibo route on a few occasions, and I can say honestly that I have never had any issues, I have always enjoyed the bus ride through the nice scenic country side, so for me this route was never and issue.
Your total travel time to Kalibo can be about 3 hours, so prepare with some snacks and bottled water and you'll be good to go.

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