Sunsets from Boracay Beach

Once you arrive onto the island of Boracay located in the south China sea of the western Visayas region of the Philippines, you will be eager to see some of the island's most noted attractions. As an example Willy's Rock, a very large rock created thousands of years ago from volcanic eruptions, sits somewhat majestically on the beachfront of Boracay Station 1. Willy's Rock has a small grotto which is perfect for creating the perfect picture from Boracay that can be an excellent Boracay souvenir, and easily shared on your Facebook, Twitter or Blog.

However, there is another Boracay attraction that is often overlooked by eager tourist visiting this wonderful paradise destination, with it's fantastic 2.5 mile long beach, covered in powder soft white sand, and dotted with tall coconut palms that sway ever so gently in the warm summer breeze, the attraction is of the awesome Boracay sunsets that appear almost nightly. No matter how many Boracay sunsets you see, they just never cease to amaze, even the most season tourist who visits here on a regular basis will be thrilled to take in another spectacular sunset of various colors.

Boracay Sunsets Delight Tourist Sitting on the Beach!

After a full day of swimming, playing on the soft sand of Boracay beach and toiling around this island paradise, there is really nothing more relaxing than kicking back on this beach for a nice cold beer in your hand, and watching the colorful Boracay sunset into the horizon. There is a really nice song that was written and recorded by Rick St. John called BORACAY GO, and in the song it talks about the beautiful Boracay sunsets.

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Sunset Image by Rick St. John Photography

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