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Located at the very beginning of Boat Station 1 on the northwestern part of Boracay Island, which is located in the western part of the Visayas region of the Philippines is one of the best and finest beach resorts, Fridays Boracay. This hotel opened in the early 1980's providing this tropical island with it's first AAA class beachfront resort, offering beautiful native style type cottage rooms, set directly on the beautiful soft white sand of Boracay Beach.

aerial-view-of-FridaysFridays has one of the very best beach fronts on the island of Boracay!

When you travel to a warm tropical island like Boracay, the one thing that you want to be absolutely sure of is this, that the beachfront will be awesome, after all, it's the beach and quick access to the cool ocean water that makes your Boracay vacation special and totally unforgettable, and that's exactly what you can expect when you stay here at Fridays Boracay Resort.

Fridays Beautiful Beachfront

Beautiful beach front native cabanas and lounge chairs here at Fridays Resort!

Fridays Boracay Beach Resort offers their guest some of the nicest beachfront rooms found anywhere on the island of Boracay, each room is nicely decorated in native materials, soft room colors provide calm and tranquility, you are sure to find here at Fridays the peaceful vacation that you so badly desire.

Fridays Deluxe Beachfront Rooms

Fridays Deluxe Beachfront Rooms

One of the best features found here is the Fridays Boracay Restaurant, located directly at the beachfront of Boracay Station 1, with absolute awesome views of the Sulu Sea. Enjoy an early breakfast by the sea, or better yet, why not enjoy an evening of cocktails followed by an unforgettable gourmet dinner prepared by a would class chef, all while you take in the breathtaking Boracay sunset.

Fridays Boracay Beach Restaurant

Fridays Boracay Beachfront Restaurant


  • Book 3 Nights and Your 3rd Night is FREE
  • Valid for New Bookings from November 12, thru December 15, 2013
  • Subject to Room Availability
  • Book & Buy Policy
  • Applicable to Local & International Guest

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