Boracay Go Song Recording

We just finished recording the song Boracay Go on September 7, 2013 at CB Room Recording Studio in Quezon City, and this fun and energetic Boracay song should be available for release on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other digital download websites by the 20th of September. The song lyrics, music and recording for Boracay Go by Ricky Lee Saint John of WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila, was created as a way to help promote tourism for the island of Boracay.

Jane Bangga & Relly Magundayao Providing Backup Vocals for Boracay Go(Mary Jane Bangga-St. John & Relly Magundayao Backup Vocals)

Boracay Go is really unlike any other Boracay Song you might hear or have heard in the past, for example our song really focuses on not only Boracay Island but it encourages people to vacation in Boracay with it really fun and energetic chorus line of, "go, go, go Boracay go" and "Boracay vacation here" it's these parts of the song that really separate it from other songs about Boracay.

Inside the Recording Studio(Inside the Recoding Studio)

Rick St John Recording the Song Boracay GoRicky Lee Saint John (Recording Boracay GO!)

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