Willy’s Rock

The next time you visit Boracay Island be sure to stop by the famous Willy's Rock, located here in Boracay Station 1, where you are sure to find some of the softest and whitest sand found anywhere on the island. As far as Boracay Attractions go, well Willy's Rock is about one of the most popular tourist attractions, with tourist from all over coming here to have their picture taken as they stand in front of this famous lava rock that is so uniquely shaped. 

Willy's Rock is also a very popular place for the kids to hang out at, the water here is very shallow, and it's such an interesting landmark, everyone knows Willy's Rock. There are stairs on the east end of the rock that lead up to a small grotto, where you will find a small statue of the Madonna, tourist love to have their photo taken here also, and it is also expected to leave as small donation in the box that sits close by.

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