Boracay Backpackers

Low season is coming to the tropical island of Boracay, and between the months of May through August you will see more Boracay Backpackers visiting the island. Boracay is a popular tourist destination most noted for two very popular activities, kiteboarding and beach activites.

Backpackers are budget travelers with low cost for accommodations in mind, after all one dose not really need a lot when traveling to a beautiful island such as Boracay. So a backpack filled with a few essentials, and a true spirit for adventure is all one really needs to explore this local island and meet the many wonderful Filipinos who live here. 
We Have Your Back!
Here at WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila we have put together some really fantastic Boracay Backpacker Packages, designed specifically for the international traveler seeking low -cost accommodations that will provide clean, comfortable and a relaxing atmosphere.
Boracay Island has over 300 hotels and resorts located throughout this small island, many of these hotels are located along the west coast of the 2.5 mile long powder soft white sand beach that Boracay has become known throughout the world for. However with so many different resorts to choose from, especially for an international traveler who may not have ever been here, choosing the right backpacker hotel can be somewhat of a difficult task.
Banana Saging Boracay Resort
Bulabog Beach Recommendations
If you are into kiteboarding or wind-surfing then we have a couple of really good suggestions, first of all if you want to be located directly on Bulabog Beach then we can suggest, Banana Saging, a small hotel tucked away in a small tropical garden, this hotel is surrounded by large coconut palm trees and provides and excellent place to view the Boracay Kiteboarding and Wind-surfing.
Frendz Boracay Cottage Garden Area
Boracay Station 1
Now if you prefer to be a little closer to the action of the Boracay nightlife, without actually being in it, then we can recommend the Frendz Boracay Resort, a small native style resort built of native bamboo and nipa. This quaint little resort is owned and operated by an Austalian, with a passion for providing excellent accommodations at very cheap rates.
Jeromes Bungalows
Boracay Station 2
Now on the otherhand if you would prefer to be at the very center of Boracay Island where all the activities take place, including a very active nightlife, then we can recommend Jerome's Bungalows, located in a nice tropical garden, just a few minutes walk to D Boracay Mall. What we have found with Jeromes Bungalows is that our guest really love the friendly service and spacious rooms.
Angol Point Boracay
Boracay Station 3
Now if you prefer the more quite and laid back atmosphere then we can recommend on of my all time favorite Boracay resorts, Angol Point Boracay Native Cottages. Actually Angol Point in Boracay is one of the last remaining native cottage resorts with offers some of the best features for Boracay Backpackers, first of all the resort is really nice, completely designed with bamboo and nipa, with large balcony's, each having a very large native hammock where two persons can relax comfortably. Then there is the location, these large native cottages are set within a tropical garden, filled with tall coconut palms, and best of all, you are directly on the most famous beach in Asia, Boracay Beach.
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