Christmas on Boracay Beach

Hey everyone, my name is Rick St. John and I am from Raleigh North Carolina in the United States, and would just like to take a few minutes to tell you about my Boracay Christmas Vacation in 2009, it was awesome. For anyone reading this who is from a state that has winters with snow, (even a little), then believe me when I tell you that spending Christmas Day on Boracay Beach in the Philippines is beyond fantastic.

The entire island of Boracay gets into the Christmas spirit, decorating the entire beachfront from boat station 1 to boat station 3 with all types of Christmas decorations, music is played out over loud speakers, and there is really something special about walking barefoot on the soft powder white sand of Boracay beach and listening to Bing Crosby sing, "Im Dreaming of a White Christmas", absolutely wonderful, really beyond words my friends.

The Filipino people in general are very friendly and hospitable, however during the Christmas holiday season they are even more gracious, and will welcome you onto their beautiful island with open arms and hearts. If you are interested in spending your vacation on Boracay island this Christmas season then just give our professional travel agents a call by going to WOW Philippines Travel Agency, we are located in Pasig City, Ortigas Center, Manila City, Philippines.

We can handle your complete itinerary, everything from your Manila Hotel with private airport transportation to an all inclusive Boracay Package.

Merry Christmas, and to all a blessed New Year 2013,


Rick St. John

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