One of the really cool things about being on Boracay Island is getting to see locals and tourist enjoy themselves doing such mindless activities such as building sand castles all along the famous Boracay beach

You will see all types of sand castles on the beach being created, from the very small to extremely large and extravigant sand castles. Everyone from small children to grand parents enjoy building Boracay sand castles, and then watch as the ocean tide slowly returns the sand back to it's original state, but of course not before many pictures have been taken.
Many times you will see local Filipino children creating the sand castles in the sand to earn a few peso, generally this money can go the the Filipino family to help with food and other expenses. If you see a small container sitting on the Boracay sand castle then consider placing a few peso coins inside, after all they did the work and you enjoyed view and taking pictures of their sand castle on the beach of Boracay.
On the many occasions that I have been to Boracay I find myself learning new techiques from the local children on how to build sand castles, this is a lot of fun, an I would like to encourage everyone to at some point during their Boracay vacation to try and learn how to build Boracay sand castles, then get your photo taken with it, what a memory you will have for sharing with friends.
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