Boracay Beach Station 2

Boracay beach is without any doubt the most visited beach in the Philippines, receiving more than 900,000 tourist to this small tropical island all year round. Boracay Island is located in the western Visayas region and has over 13 white beaches, some being private beaches, but most are for public use. However there is no beach on the island more famous than Boracay White Beach, a 2.5 mile long white beach located on the western side of Boracay Island that becomes a meca for sun and sand lovers from all over.

Prior to 2006 when traveling to Boracay, the small banca boat would take you from the jetty port in Caticlan to your designated boat station, once the boat dropped you off you could experience walking through the cool water onto the powder soft white sand beach that has made Boracay the most famous island in the Philippines. The sand on Boracay is super soft, everyone from small babies to grandparents love walking and playing in the white sand, it's just not like any other sand you may have experienced. 

Boracay Beach in Station 2 is really the most popular beach area, and the reason for this is because Boracay Station 2 is located at the center of the island, nearest to the 200 plus restaurants, bars and clubs, not to mention there are also 93 Boracay hotels and beach resorts in this area, making boat station 2 the most popular beach on Boracay.

Although Boracay White Beach is the most famous and popular beach on Boracay, there are other notable beaches on the island, like Bulabog Beach which is the perfect beach for windsurfing or kiteboarding. On Bulabog beach you will find the winds are strong and the water is very shallow for quite some distance from shore, this also provides the perfect environment for people just learning how to windsurf and kiteboard.

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Hotels in Boracay Station 2

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